Stephen M. Shapiro

Address Brookhaven National Laboratory

Department of Physics

Upton, NY 11973


Education: 1969, Ph.D.Johns Hopkins University

Thesis: Light Scattering Study of Alpha-Beta Transition in Quartz;

H. Z. Cummins, advisor

1963, B.S., Union College

Employment 2001-present, Director of Center for Neutron Science

2000-present,Senior Physicist

1994-2000: Head of Solid State Physics

1994: Visiting Professor, Univeristy of Grenoble

1986-1987: Distinguished Visiting Scientist, Laboratoire Léon

Brillouin, Saclay, France

1983: Yamada Fellowship, University of Osaka, Japan

1975-2000: Physicist (with tenure, 1984), Brookhaven

1972-1975: Associate Physicist, Brookhaven

1971-1972: Research Associate, Brookhaven

1969-1972: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Paris

Professional Societies: American Physical Society

Materials Research Society (MRS)

Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA)

Committees Program AdvisorCommittees for IPNS and LANSCE

Chaired Program Review Committee of AECL, Chalk River, Canada

Past Treasurer, Neutron Scattering Society of America (NSSA)

US-Japan Steering Committee Member

Divisional Associate Editor for Physical Review Letters

Member of Scientific Advisory Committee of CEA, France

Chair, Review Committee for CEA-Grenoble, Neutron Program

Awards and Honors: Fellow of the American Physical Society 1986 DOE Award for Outstanding Scientific Accomplishment in 1988 for work on Premartensitic Behavior in metallic alloys

Publications: 1. Optical Response of High-Dielectric-Constant Perovskite-Related Oxide, C. C. Homes, To. Vogt, S. M. Shapiro, A. P. Ramirez, Science 293, 673 (2001).

2.Field-Induced Three- and Two-Dimensional Freezing in a Quantum Spin Liquid, Y. Chen, Z. Honda, A. Zheludev, C. Broholm, K. Katusmata, and S. M. Shapiro, Phys. Rev. Lett. 86, 1618 (2001).

3.Electron Diffraction Studies of Phonons and Static Disorder in SrTiO3, R. Wang, Y. Zhu, and S. M. Shapiro, Phys. Rev. B 621, 8814 (2000).

4.Neutron Scattering Studies of Pre-transitional Effects in Solid-Solid Phase Transformations S. M. Shapiro, Proceedings of PTM-99, Kyoto, May 1999 (Japan Institute of Metals Proceedings, 12, 799 (2000)

5. Structural Defects and the Origin of the Second Length Scale in SrTiO3, R. Wang, Y. Zhu, and S. M. Shapiro, Physical Review Letters 80, 2370 (1998)