Neutrons Scattering Group

Crystal Growth

Orienting, cutting and polishing of single crystals

After growing a crystal it is important to characterize its properties. In contrast to neutron scattering, many characterization techniques, such as magnetization and resistivity measurements as well as single crystal X-ray diffraction, require singlecrystalline pieces with a particular shape, crystallographic orientation and polished surfaces. Corresponding equipment in our crystal growth lab includes a Laue camera to determine the crystal orientation, diamond blade and wire saws, different types of polishing jigs, a polishing machine, and a polarization microscope. The Laue camera is mounted on a rotating anode X-ray generator (Rigaku). Different types of goniometers are available, depending on the needs. All goniometers fit on our saws and one of them can be mounted on a polishing jig, which allows the preparation of polished surfaces with an error less than 1 degree in the orientation. Our large angle goniometer is useful for orienting new compounds with irregular shape, since Laue pictures from different crystal sides can to be taken without remounting the crystal. Our large polishing machine is capable of polishing several crystals at a time. Furthermore, it is equipped with a special sample holder which allows to polish the small face sides of several inch long single crystals.

Laue camera Diamond wheel saw Automated polisher

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