Genda Gu                                                               
Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department
ISB, Building 734
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Upton, NY  11973 5000                                    
Phone: (631) 344-3785
Fax:     (631) 344-2918

Academic Background:

Mar. 1989, Ph.D., Metallic Materials Science & Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology (HIT), Harbin, China

July 1985, M.S., Metallic Materials Science & Engineering, HIT, Harbin, China

July 1982, B.S., Metallic Materials Science & Engineering, Hefei University of Technology, Hefei, China

Professional Experience:

2012-present, Senior Physicist, Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department, Brookhaven National Laboratory, NY, USA

2012--present, Adjunct Professor, Physics Department, Stony Brook University, NY, USA

2005--present, Adjunct Professor, Materials Science Department, Stony Brook University, NY, USA

2003--2011, Physicist, CMP&MS, BNL, NY, USA

2001--2002, Associate Physicist, CMP&MS, BNL, NY, USA

1996--2000, Australian Research Council Queen Elizabeth II Fellow, School of Physics, University of New South Wales (UNSW), Sydney, Australia

1995-1995, ISTEC Fellow, Superconductivity Research Laboratory, International Superconductivity Technology Center (ISTEC), Tokyo 135, Japan.

1993-1994, UNSW Vice-Chancellor Post-Doctoral Fellow, School of Physics, UNSW, Australia.

1991-1992, ISTEC Post-Doctoral Fellow, Superconductivity Research Laboratory, ISTEC, Japan.

1989-1990, Chinese Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Science and Technology of China, Hefei, China

Professional Affiliations:

Member, American Physical Society
Member,  Materials Research Society

Honors and Awards:

Fellow, American Physical Society (2011)

2010 BNL Science and Technology Award, Brookhaven National Laboratory, USA (2010)

Research Interests:

The discovery and development of new superconducting and strongly correlated electrons materials and the growth of high quality single crystals for the fundamental studies. The measurement of physical properties of various new single crystal materials.

6 papers in Nature, 10 papers in Science. 27 papers in Physical Review letter, More than 300 journal papers. More than 6000 citations, h-index 36.