Neutron Scattering Group

Crystal Growth

Currently, we operating two optical image furnaces. Hot Isostatic Press (HIP) 
Image furnace for single crystal growth
by Traveling-Solvent Floating-Zone method.
We have nearly completed the commissioning our HIP for crystal growth and annealing.
Single crystal Sr2CuO3 grown with an image furnace.  Tube furnace used for the synthesis of the feed
rods for crystal growth
Laue camera installed on rotating anode X-ray generator. Different types of goniometers for Laue camera.
Diamond blade saw for cutting crystals in oriented position. Automated polishing machine with multiple sample platen.
Laue image of a silicon crystal. MPMS for magnetization and transport measurements.
maximum field: 7 Tesla; temperature range: 2K- 400K.

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