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USJ-TAX  -  US-Japan Triple Axis Spectrometer

Monochromator Shield Installation 

Feb 22 & April 11:  Time of Flight test and removal


April 14 & 29:  Preliminary location found to be bad


May 8 & 19:  Interfaces measured and model used to find better location


May 23 & 29:  Holes in floor, studs in floor & center plate final location


May 30:  Switch to Tracker


June 2:  Holes in floor for cylinder wall floor plate


June 3, 4 & 11:  Holes in floor for wing wall floor plates


June 16 & 18:  Holes in floor for gear floor plate


June 19:  Holes deepened and conduit under wing floor plates begun


June 20:  Epoxy removed and gear floor plate studs begun


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