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USJ-TAX  -  US-Japan Triple Axis Spectrometer

US - Japan Cooperative Research Program

The US-Japan Cooperative Research Program is a scientific collaboration that has produced hundreds of publications since 1980. Partners in this program include the Japan Atomic Energy Agency, the Institute of Solid State Physics at the University of Tokyo (ISSP), Oak Ridge National Laboratory and BNL. In addition to scientific collaboration, our Japanese Partners have provided instruments, sample environments and staff to neutron scattering facilities at both BNL and ORNL.

The USJ-TAX is an important component of the US-Japan Cooperative Research Program on Neutron Scattering, and BNLís Neutron Scattering Group. Parts of this spectrometer were once part of BNLís H4M TAX at the High Flux Beam Reactor and are finding new life at HFIR.

Our colleagues in the Neutron Science Laboratory of ISSP have taken parts of the secondary spectrometer to Japan for modification, to enable rapid installation of this equipment in the new instrument.

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