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USJ-TAX  -  US-Japan Triple Axis Spectrometer

Project Overview

The project to build the USJ-TAX involves both relocation and modification of existing equipment from BNL, and a new monochromator shield and Tanzboden floor.  The existing equipment is being shortened ~11” in Japan; upon return to HFIR, new control electronics will be installed and the analyzer shield commissioned.

The new monochromator shield was delivered to HFIR in January 2008 and currently awaits installation, after which the floor will be poured. The HFIR Guide Hall is ready for shield installation.

The guide support near the USJ-TAX is non-magnetic Aluminum, to minimize interference with fringe fields from sample magnets.

After the monochromator shield is installed, the floor will be poured. Here we intend to take advantage of the recent successful experience of our Japanese colleagues in producing an epoxy-poured floor:

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