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News Items

Items highlighting or citing our work, or quoting a group member.

Lifting the Fog of Complexity
Perspective by Dirk Morr, Science, Jan. 2014
on study of CDW correlations in Bi2212 by Yazdani's group on Genda's samples.
The paper is published here.
BNL/Princeton press release is here.

New Evidence to Aid Search for Charge 'Stripes' in Superconductors
BNL press release on FlucTeam research.
Featured article on
The paper is published here.

Review of Stripes2013 Conference
News and Views by Antonio Bianconi, Nat. Phys., Sept. 2013.

Cuprates Get Orders to Charge
Perspective in Science by Tranquada, Aug. 2012
on CDW order in YBCO.

High-temperature superconductivity at 25: Still in suspense
News Feature from Nature, July 2011.

The secret of the hourglass
News and Views by Jan Zaanen, Nature, March 2011
on neutron scattering measurement of magnetic dispersion in a layered cobalt oxide.

Modulated superfluid density in an iron-pnictide superconductor
Viewpoint in Physics by Tranquada, May 2010.

Superconducting Iron Compounds: A conversation with John Tranquada and Igor Zaliznyak
ORNL Neutron Sciences Highlight, Jan. 2010.

Spins in superconductors: Mobile or not?
News and Views by Matthias Vojta, Nat. Phys., Sept. 2009, on our paper.
The paper is published here.
BNL press release is here.

Disappearing Superconductivity Reappears -- in 2-D
BNL press release on our article, which is published here.

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