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Quantum and Low-Dimensional Magnetism

Selected publications

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Quantum Spin Chains

  • Xu, G. Y., Broholm, C., Soh, Y. A., Aeppli, G., DiTusa, J. F., Chen, Y., Kenzelmann, M., Frost, C. D., Ito, T., Oka, K. and Takagi, H.  Mesoscopic phase coherence in a quantum spin fluid.  Science 317, 1049 (2007).
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  • M. Kenzelmann, G. Xu, I. A. Zaliznyak, C. Broholm, J. F. DiTusa, G. Aeppli, T. Ito, K. Oka, and H. Takagi, "Structure of End States for a Haldane Spin Chain", cond-mat/0211703, Phys. Rev. Lett. 90, 087202 (2003).
  • I. A. Zaliznyak, S.-H. Lee, S. V. Petrov, "Continuum in the spin excitation spectrum of a Haldane chain, observed by neutron scattering in CsNiCl3", cond-mat/0010049; Phys. Rev. Lett. 87, 017202 (2001).
  • I. A. Zaliznyak, C. Broholm, M. Kibune, H. Takagi, "Spin Freezing In The Cuprate S=1/2 Antiferromagnetic
    Chain Compound SrCuO2", cond-mat/9812440 (1998); Phys. Rev. Lett. 83, 5370 (1999).
  • I. A. Zaliznyak , L.-P. Regnault, D. Petitgrand, "Neutron scattering study of the dynamic spin correlations in CsNiCl3 above Neel ordering", Phys. Rev. B 50, p.15824 (1994). 
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  • L.-P. Regnault, I. A. Zaliznyak and S. V. Meshkov, "Thermodynamic properties of the Haldane spin chain: statistical model for the elementary excitations", J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 5, L677 (1993).
  • L. C. Brunel, T. M. Brill, I. Zaliznyak, J. P. Boucher and J.P.Renard, "Magnon spin resonance in the Haldane spin
    chains of Ni(C2H8N2)2NO2ClO4", Phys. Rev. Lett. 69, 1699 (1992).

Two-dimensional Quantum Magnets

  • M. B. Stone, I. A. Zaliznyak, T. Hong, C. L. Broholm, D. H. Reich, "Quasiparticle breakdown in a quantum spin liquid", cond-mat/0504375; Nature, 440, 187 (2006).
  • M. B. Stone, I. Zaliznyak, D. H. Reich and C. Broholm, "Frustration-Induced Two Dimensional Quantum Disordered Phase in Piperazinium Hexachlorodicuprate", cond-mat/0104150; Phys. Rev. B 64, 144405 (2001).
  • A. Zheludev, S. Maslov, I. Zaliznyak, L. P. Regnault, T. Masuda, K. Uchinokura, R. Erwin, G. Shirane, "Experimental Evidence for Kaplan-Shekhtman-Entin-Wohlman-Aharony Interactions in Ba2CuGe2O7", cond-mat/9805236 (1998); Phys. Rev. Lett. 81, 5410 (1998).

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