MorphotropicPhaseBoundary Adventure

Previous memos

1.  Poled/unpoled PZT50, PZT52, PZT36, (c/a) vs. x, E-X-T diagram


2. BaTiO3: a) Wada, b) vs. field_1, c) vs. field_2, d) vs. field 3 e) vs. T

3. PZN-9PT after E= 20 kV/cm: inside / outside electrode


4. PZN-9PT after E= 20 kV/cm: Lattice parameters vs. T


5. Tetragonal domains


6. Thermal Expansion in Ferroelectrics


6a. PZN X17B-1, July 2003 (figures G6 to G10)


9.      Unit cell volumes


10. Soft mode and Coupling  (a) Inelastic Int, (b) Elastic Int, (c) Neutron vs. X-ray, (d) KTaO3


11. PZN              (a) PZN111-I         (b) PZN111-II

12. PMN-xPT     (a) PMN#2;           (b) PMN-10PT ceramic
                         (c) PMN-xPT (x<10) ceramic


The term "morphotropic" was coined by Jaffe et al.  and means 
literally "the boundary between two forms". However, it is usually 
assumed to mean nearly vertical, i.e. composition independent. 
                                                                (D. E. Cox, Oct. 2000)

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