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HYSPEC - Hybrid Spectrometer


Polarized Inelastic Neutron Scattering (PINS) Workshop and HYSPEC IDT meeting

Brookhaven National Laboratory, April 6-7, 2006

PINS Workshop announcement and registration page


Workshop and Meeting agenda and abstracts (pdf)



  • Polarized Neutron Scattering Investigations on TAS-1 at JRR-3M, K. Kakurai (part1.pdf,part2.pdf,part3.pdf,part4.pdf,part5.pdf)
  • Polarized Inelastic Neutron Scattering in the CMR Manganite La0.7Ca0.3MnO3, J. A. Fernandez-Baca (ppt)
  • Polarized Neutrons and High Magnetic Fields on TAS IN22, L.-P. Regnault (ppt, pdf)
  • Polarized 3He Spin Filters Development in the U.S., T. Gentile (ppt)
  • Polarized Beams Using 3He at the NCNR Triple-Axis Spectrometers, R. Erwin (ppt)
  • Current Development of Using Polarized 3He Spin Filter at the SNS instruments, W-T.  H. Lee (ppt)
  • Update on 3He Spin Filter Developments in Europe, E. Lelievre-Berna (pdf)
  • Wide-angle Polarization Analysis Using 3He and Supermirrors at the ILL, L. K. H. Andersen (ppt)
  • Options for 3He Polarization Analysis on the HYSPEC ToF Spectrometer, L. Passell (ppt)
  • Polarized Beam Operation of the Hybrid Spectrometer at the pulsed SNS, I. Zaliznyak (ppt)
  • Polarizers and Polarizing Benders for HYSPEC and FOCUS, P. Allenspach (ppt, pdf)
  • Instrument Simulations and Polarized Neutrons, U. Filges (ppt)
  • Polarized Neutrons at ANSTO - from LONGPOL to Pelican, Taipan, Sika, Platypus and Quokka, D. Yu (ppt)
  • Status and Foreseen Upgrades of the Hybrid ToF Spectrometer FOCUS at SINQ, J. Mesot (ppt, pdf)
  • Polarized Neutrons at J-PARC, K. Hirota (pdf)
  • The Status of SNS and SING, M. Hagen (ppt)
  • HYSPEC Project and Engineering Status, W. Leonhardt (ppt)
  • HYSPEC Polarization Issues, M. Hagen (ppt)
  • IDT meeting report (pdf)

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