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HYSPEC - Hybrid Spectrometer

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HYSPEC Instrument Development Team (IDT) meeting at the ACNS-2010 in Ottawa, Canada

  • When - Monday, June 28, after the SHUG session, 6 - 7pm

  • Where - Drawing room, Fairmont Chateau Lourier, Ottawa

  • Full announcement:

HYSPEC is an acronym for Hybrid Spectrometer, a unique instrument whose concept combines advantages of the time-of-flight (TOF) technique which is traditionally used at the pulsed sources with those of crystal spectrometers which use continuous neutron beams. It is an inelastic neutron spectrometer optimized for studying single crystal samples in a broad variety of sample environments. The unique features of HYSPEC are the use of crystals to focus and polarize the incident beam, and multilayers and He3 to analyze neutron polarization of the scattered beam. This will be the first fully polarized inelastic instrument operating at a spallation source.
At the meeting, a review of HYSPEC's specifications and the status of its construction will be given. This meeting is open to all interested parties. 
For more details about HYSPEC see website http://neutrons.phy.bnl.gov/HYSPEC/index.shtm. For information, contact Igor Zaliznyak zaliznyak@bnl.gov, or Steve Shapiro, shapiro@bnl.gov


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