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This page is intended to provide some records of Gen Shirane's remarkable career in neutron scattering, and reminiscences of Gen as a scientist and as a person.

  Gen Shirane photo
Photo by: Roger Stoutenburgh


He was simply a man on a mission,
To use neutrons, a product of fission,
To put on display the games crystals play,
And swept us along in addition.

... by John Axe.



Here is a list of Gen's highly-cited papers associated with work at the HFBR.

Here is a full list of Gen's publications (> 700!; 40 pp.; 468 kb).

Video Footage and Photos of Gen

Gen Shirane: A Tribute, February 12, 2005. (This is a RealPlayer streaming video, approximately 90 minutes in length; click here if you need to download RealPlayer Client.)

Neutrons, Phonons and John Axe by Gen Shirane, a tribute given at the John Axe Symposium, September 18, 1998. (This is a streaming video in RealPlayer format, approximately 25 minutes in length.)

Photo Album and Memorabilia

Some Recent News and Highlights in Gen's career

Celebration in honor of Gen Shirane's 80th birthday (July 2004)

Gen Shirane receives award from the Japanese Society for  Neutron Science (Dec. 2003)

Gen's 65th Birthday Celebration (1989)

At the time of Gen's 60th birthday, Marie Grahn (the group secretary at the time) had organized a celebration, with cake, in the Physics Department's Lounge.  According to Marie, Gen started to walk into the room, saw the party in his honor, turned on his heel and left, never to return.

Based on that experience, John Axe and Steve Shapiro began early to convince Gen that a symposium in honor of his 65th birthday would be good for the neutron scattering program at Brookhaven.  Fortunately, Gen acquiesced.  As part of that celebration, a booklet containing some reminiscences was prepared, and they are reproduced here.

Overview of Gen's Career, John Axe and Steve Shapiro

Early Years: Ferroelectric Phase Transitions and Perovskites, B. Chalmers Frazer

Watch Out for Buddha-like Smiles, Jens Als-Nielsen

"Genecdote", Vic Emery

Twenty Years of Fun with Gen, Robert J. Birgeneau

Structural Phase Transition in SrTiO3,  Roger Cowley

Process of Structural Phase Transitions, Y. Yamada

In Memoriam

An obituary has been written for publication in Neutron News.

In Memoriam: Gen Shirane, Physics Department - Brookhaven Bulletin, January 28, 2005, page 2 

Gen Shirane, 80, giant in field of neutron research - Newsday, January 26, 2005.

A Memorial tribute was held February 12, 2005. Read more here. 

Obituary in Physics Today, November, 2005 (on-line account required for access to article)

Shirane awardsGen Shirane Awards Presented
At the International Conference on Neutron Scattering (ICNS-2005) held in Sydney, Australia, four awards were given to students and young scientists in honor of the late Gen Shirane, a Senior BNL Scientist and leader in the international neutron scattering community.

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