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Team members


Publications and Technical reports


IDT meeting at SNS, September, 2004

Neutron Scattering Group


Publications and Technical Reports on HYSPEC

Internal Publications and Technical Reports

  • Helium-3 transmission polarizer options for HYSPEC (.doc,.pdf)

  • April 13, 2004 report to SNS on the possible HYSPEC placement (.pdf)

  • Response to the referee comments on the HYSPEC DOE proposal (.doc

  • HYSPEC proposal to DOE, submitted 12/19/2002 (.doc, .pdf)

  • HYSPEC Top Level Specifications, Draft Revision A, 12/19/2002 (.doc, .pdf)

  • HYSPEC proposal to the SNS, submitted to EFAC in October, 2002 (.doc, .pdf)

  • Letter of Intent filed with the SNS by HYSPEC IDT in April, 2002 (.doc, .pdf)

  • Report on the SNS Inelastic Neutron Scattering Workshop, 1999 (.pdf)


Publications in the Refereed Journals

  • Polarized beam operation of the Hybrid Spectrometer at the pulsed Spallation Neutron Source, cond-mat/0410040; (.pdf) to appear in Physica, B (2004)

  • HYSPEC presentation at ICANS-XVI, May, 2003 (.pdf)

  • Performance comparison of the inelastic spectrometers for the SNS, presentation by G. Granroth at ICANS-XVI (.pdf)


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