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IDT meeting at SNS, September, 2004

Neutron Scattering Group


HYSPEC Pictures

HYSPEC images

  • Draft engineering 3D pictures of various HYSPEC components, 09/02, a, b, c, d

  • First image of HYSPEC, the "engineers impression", 02/02

Layout on the SNS floor

  • Draft layout of HYSPEC on BL14B and spin-echo on BL14A, May 2003 (as of 05/21, as of 05/06)

  • Preliminary draft floor layout on BL14A ( 4.5 m, 4.0 m, IDT sketch

  • Draft layout on beamline (BL) 15, March 2003 (zoom out, zoom in)

Schematics of the instrument setup 

  • HYSPEC generic schematics (.wmf, .cdr, .jpg)

  • HYSPEC setup schematics (.wmf, .cdr)

  • Schematics of the HYSPEC and straight-through model instrument (.wmf, .cdr)

  • Schematics of the secondary spectrometer (.wmf, .cdr)

  • Setup of the primary spectrometer (.wmf, .cdr)

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