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IDT meeting at SNS, September, 2004

Neutron Scattering Group


Presentations at the HYSPEC IDT meeting

Oak Ridge, September 10, 2004

  • Meeting agenda (.doc)

  • SNS instruments overview, R. K. Crawford (.ppt)

  • SING project status, John Haines (.ppt)

  • Magnetic interference in the SNS instrument hall, Wai-Tung Hal Lee (.ppt)

  • Sample environment plans and progress, Lou Santodonato (.ppt)

  • Instrument design, shielding/background simulations for HYSPEC, V. Ghosh (.ppt)

  • HYSPEC instrument design - outline, M. Hagen (.ppt)

  • HYSPEC - hardware issues, W. Leonhardt (.ppt)

  • Polarized beam mode for the Hybrid Spectrometer at the SNS, I. Zaliznyak (.ppt)

  • HYSPEC: a crystal TOF HYbrid SPECtrometer, S. M. Shapiro (.ppt)

  • HYSPEC: an options summary, S. M. Shapiro (.ppt)



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